Transfer prints for sportswear

Football, basketball, hockey, cycling, dance groups, etc: customized sportswear with a nice transfer print improves the look for every sports club. Just as the athletes themselves, also their sportswear and especially the print has to be ready to achieve top performances. Here you can find our transfer print qualities to print sportswear and team wear:


Our transfer prints for printing on sportswear:

prints for sportswear antibleeding          prints for sportswear digiflex antibleeding         

prints for sportswear araflex          prints for sportswear digiflex         

prints for sportswear superflex          prints for sportswear nylonflex


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  • Back numbers, club logos, sponsor logos for team wear

We have many years of experience in printing back numbers and player names for several large clubs and teams, but we also offer custom-made solutions for the transfer prints of smaller clubs. Contact us for more information or to receive a customized price offer.


Transfer prints for sublimated polyester fabrics

Sportswear for team sports such as football, basketball, rugby, hockey etc is often made of sublimated polyester fabrics. When printing these types of fabrics the risk of the well-known problem of color migration or color bleeding is very high: the color pigments of the sublimated polyester penetrate inside the logo, with as a result ugly discolorations in the transfer print. This problem can be solved easily by working with textile prints which have an extra protection layer (subliblocker or anti-bleeding layer). Araflex Antibleeding is the perfect quality to make back numbers and player names. Digiflex Antibleeding is the full color variant, ideal to make club logos or sponsor logos in multiple colors.


Transfer prints for cotton/polyester

For sportswear made of textile that has no risk of bleeding, such as cotton t-shirts and sweaters, or garments made of a cotton/polyester blend, sport bags etc. our standard qualities Araflex and Digiflex are perfect. Both qualities are made with water-based inks.


  • Transfer prints on soft shell and other jackets

Outdoor sportswear often contains a jacket or body warmer. These types of garment require a special quality of transfer print.

When printing soft shell jackets with transfer prints, often rises the problem of bleeding or color migration: the color pigments of the soft shell jackets penetrate inside the logo, even with a subliblocker. Our silicon based transfer Superflex is the perfect solution for this problem: the silicon-based inks are naturally anti-bleeding, the color pigments of the soft shell can't migrate inside this type of inks, so the logos will stay snow white.

For jackets that are not soft shell, but which are treated with a special (water-resistant) coating, our Nylonflex qualities can provide a solution. These qualities are made with a special glue which affix well on nylon, flexothane and coated fabrics.


  • Transfer prints for lycra and elastic fabrics

Some sportswear is extremely elastic, for example lycra cycling wear, swimwear etc. These elastic sportswear also needs an elastic print. Our silicon-based transfer Superflex offers the perfect solution: thanks to the silicon based inks, the transfer prints are extremely elastic and they stretch with the fabric without breaking.


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You did not find what you are looking for? We also have a whole range of transfer prints for workwear and promowear:

prints for sportswear workwear          prints for sportswear promowear