Screen print transfers for promotional wear

Printing promotional wear with a customized screen print transfer is a good way to advertise and get attention for your business or event. Screen print transfers for promotional garments need to have a nice and qualitative appearance, but at the same time the cost of the promotional screen print transfers must often stay within a certain budget. With our water-based screen print qualities you don't have to compromise, we can offer you a high-quality and budget-friendly solution for every project:


Our screen print transfers for promo wear:

Screen print transfers Araflex          Screen print transfers Digiflex

Screen print transfers Nylonflex          Screen print transfers Ecoflex

Screen print transfer printflex          Screen print transfer Flock


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  • Screen print transfers for cotton and polyester

A customized screen printed transfer really takes your promotional garment or promotional gift to the next level. Imagine a t-shirt or sweater printed with your logo or the logo of your event, printed caps, fluorescent vests, cotton bags, polyester key-chains, etc.

For prints on cotton and polyester our water-based screen printed transfers are the perfect solution: for printing jobs in larger quantities and 1-2 colors, our standard quality Araflex is the best option. For prints in multiple colors, full color or even photo prints, our Digiflex quality is your best friend. This quality is also competitively priced, even for small quantities. Araflex and Digiflex transfers have the following characteristics:

    • Screen printed transfers, water-based
    • Soft and elastic quality
    • Washable at 60°C
    • Araflex in spot colors, Digiflex in full color


  • Screen print transfers for nylon

Promotional wear sometimes also contains less obvious items for printing, such as umbrellas, rain jackets or backpacks treated with a coating. These types of textile can also be printed with a logo or slogan, but they require a special quality of transfer. Our Nylonflex qualities offer the solution. They are made with a specific type of adhesive that adheres well to nylon, flexothane and coated fabrics.


  • Full color budget screen print transfers

Sometimes the quality of a transfer does not need to be high performance, for example for give away t-shirts for promotional purposes or for single use, tote-bags, umbrellas, textile packages,... For these types of impressions we created the Ecoflex quality. This quality is both economic and ecological, and it’s the ideal quality for larger promotional print projects where a competitive price is decisive.

If you are looking for budget textile transfers in small quantities, our Printflex quality is a good choice. This beautiful budget quality is available starting from 1 piece.


  • Screen printed Flock transfers

New in our range are Flock transfers, a fun textile printing with a vintage retro look. Flock transfers have a velvety touch and a little relief, which gives a nice extra to your clothing. The Ara Flock transfers are available in 14 different colours.


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You did not find what you are looking for? We also have a whole range of transfer prints for sportswear and workwear:

Screen print transfer for sportswear          Screen print transfer for workwear