Printing face masks with textile transfers

Will face masks become the gadget of the future? Will the current recommendation become an obligation? It's clear that face masks will be widely used for a long period of time. With more and more face masks on the streets, also rises the demand for prints for face masks.

A personalized face mask with a print of for example the logo of your city or town, the logo of your company or a meaningful slogan or cartoon, it will get more attention. A printed face masks that not only protects us, but also becomes a way of expressing our identity, why not?

Face masks made of fabric can be easily printed with textile transfers, just as any other type of textile. Textile transfers are easy to use, applying with a heat press during 15 seconds, and you are ready!

The most important thing is to chose the right type of transfer, because prints for protective face masks should meet a number of specific requirements.


Prints for face masks: the most important requirements

First of all, a print that will be used on face masks should be hot-wash resistant. It is vital to wash a protective face mask regularly, and preferably at a high temperature. In addition, the print must also be smooth and comfortable, and not detract from the wearing comfort of the face mask.

Our renewed Digiflex Industrial has all these qualities, which makes it the perfect transfer to print on face masks:

  • Water based, digital transfer
  • Washable at 95°C
  • Smooth and soft
  • Guaranteed color-fast
  • Full color

We are happy to think along with you to find the most optimal print solution for your face mask. Think, for example, of a perforated transfer to be able to breathe optimally through the mask in case of a slightly larger print,... there are many possibilities!

Are you interested in textile transfers for printing on face masks? 

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