No more color migration when printing on softshell thanks to silicone transfers


Color migration when printing on softshells: what is this phenomenon?

It is a well-known problem that often occurs when printing a softshell jacket. At first sight, the print looks fine after it has been applied to the softshell, but after a few hours or sometimes even after a few days, ugly brown spots appear in the print. This problem is caused by the colour pigments of the softshell jacket, which are activated by heating under the transfer press and slowly penetrate into the print, resulting in these unsightly stains.

An Antibleeding layer or Subliblocker is often suggested as a possible solution, but our years of experience teach us that even a double layer of Subliblocker cannot stop the color migration problem in certain types of softshell jackets.


The solution: our silicone-based transfer Superflex

We developed a solution to this problem: our silicone transfer Superflex. Instead of water-based inks, this quality is printed with silicone-based inks. The colour pigments of softshell cannot penetrate these silicone inks, so the logo is guaranteed to remain beautifully white.

Furthermore, this silicone-based quality does not require an additional block layer, which means that the silicone Superflex quality is often even cheaper than a water-based transfer with block layer (Araflex Antibleeding). Because the silicone inks themselves have blocking properties, this type of transfer is also ideal for logos with details which are too small to fit a subliblocker behind, but where an antibleeding quality is still required, for example for sublimated polyester fabrics and of course also for softshell.

Let's review all the features of this special silicone transfer for softshell:

  • Printed with silicone-based inks
  • Ideal for garments with a high risk of color migration, such as softshell and sublimated polyester
  • Washable up to 60°C
  • Resistant to bleach
  • Apply at 140-150°C for 15 seconds, Cold peel
  • Available in all pantone colours


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