Sublimation screen printing

Sublimation printing has been a fixed value for many years in the screen printing for textile, more specific of polyester fabrics, with a wide range of applications for the production of sportswear, carpets, banners, fashion, promotional textile, etc.
It is a process that offers unprecedented freedom in creation, but also requires a thorough know-how to achieve a good result.


  • Sublimation transfers in panels by textile screen printing

For medium to large print runs (from 200 to 10 000 and more) screen printing is still the most reliable, flexible, fastest and cheapest solution. As a worldwide number 1 with over 25 years of experience, we guarantee you impeccable quality and ultra short delivery terms.


  • Sublimation transfers in digital printing

For smaller numbers of print runs or samples, we print digitally.


  • If price is important

Do you print digitally yourself? Then you will know that in case of digital printing the price per item is a constant, also in case of larger volumes. Your competitors also know that! As far as sublimation transfers in screen printing is concerned, prices per sheet drop significantly if volume increases.

Ara offers you the ideal product mix: we adjust our colors to your digital color palette. This offers you the opportunity to offer better prices for the larger volumes, while you provide repeat orders digitally. By doing so you also keep the capacity of your printers at your disposal for what they are made for: small volumes.

In addition, screen printed sublimation paper for textile guarantees a smooth and stable production because of its high adhesive strength and colour stability.


Contact us for more information

How to place an order?

To start an order we need the patterns in the largest and the smallest size, the artwork in a digital file and the colors.

If you have more questions you can contact us at



Paper sizes

Our standard paper sizes are 125 x 86, 130 x 95, 140 x 104, 155 x 105.5, 165 x 105, 170 x 125, 180 x 130, 180 x 140 cm.

If required, we will search for the most economical layout, taking into account the size of your transfer press. If required, we cut the paper after printing.

Color adjustment

For an exact color adjustment we would like to receive the blank fabric.

We make every possible color on request (whether it is a Pantone color or a digital or dyed swatch) and send you these colors for approval before production.

Before we start printing, we will send you the ready-made layout for approval by e-mail.